Our approach

Experience and care for every project

We approach every customer with understanding, regardless of the project size. Every staircase is a story in itself, and we are anxious to start and develop it with all our attention and experience.

Care for every challenge dates back to the beginnings of the company, which was established in 1978 by craftsman Karel Jezeršek. He passed on his knowledge and values to three of his sons, who run the company to this day.

Brothers Boštjan, Janez and Jernej are now in charge of keeping the family tradition alive at Mizarstvo Jezeršek. We believe in collaboration, being able to solve even the hardest of challenges and constantly striving to advance our staircase design and manufacturing technologies.

Mizarstvo Jezeršek through time







Beginnings of the family company

In 1978, Karel Jezeršek, a craftsman at heart, started making wooden stairs at his home hayrack. At first, this was only something that filled his afternoons, but thanks to increased demand he was soon able to leave his regular job and focus on the workshop. By including his growing sons in the work, they were able to gain experience and learn about the beauty of carpentry. They were so impressed with the work that as many as three of the four sons decided to become carpenters.

Construction of the workshop

Demand for Jezeršek stairs was growing from one year to another, so the company built and moved to a new workshop in 1996. In 1999, the workshop acquired its first CNC machine, which was a major technological advancement at the time.

The second generation

Brothers Boštjan, Janez and Jernej Jezeršek became the owners of the company in 2005. Only a year later, as their father Karel died, they were forced to take the reins as well.

Investments into technology and development

In 2014, the workshop acquired a high-performance 5-axis CNC machine that supports even the most complex operations and types of processing on large workpieces. At this point, the company already possessed first-rate equipment and software for designing and manufacturing stairs – much of it developed in-house.

Increased space

As demand and the number of machines kept growing, the workshop became more and more cramped. In order to optimise the production processes and for continued growth, we designed a new production hall next to the existing building. The new hall offers as much as 2700 square metres of space, while the layout of the machines, storage sites and transport routes has been designed for optimum production flow.

Digitalisation and additional technology

In 2020 and 2021, we focused our efforts on the digitalisation and optimisation of work processes. We completed an investment into an additional CNC machine, thereby doubling the manufacturing capacities of our overloaded sites.


Every project is unique, which is why we pay complete attention to each and every customer wish. After you tell us what you are looking for, we go over the plans and the on-site situation and give advice if necessary.


The timeframe for implementation is determined at the project planning stage. Each project is specified down to the last detail until you are satisfied with the plan.


Information about how the production of your stairs is progressing is available to you at any time. Once the stairs and all the construction work on the building are completed, we can arrange a date for assembly.

Why choose us?
Because you will be choosing 43 years of experience, top quality, precise measurements and responsiveness.

Experienced team

Mizarstvo Jezeršek now has 24 regularly employed master craftsmen, many of which have been with us since we started production under the hayrack, a fact we are especially proud of. We also work with at least twenty contractual workers, students and apprentices.

Whether by constructing, drawing, manual labour, varnishing, machine operation – each and every one of them contributes with their work towards the perfection of the final product.

Investing into the future

For a flawless result, we use advanced equipment at every stage of the project.

We use a 3D scanner for on-site measurements that are precise down to the millimetre, while modern software takes care of the drawing and design of stairs. Our production equipment includes both traditional woodworking machines as well as the latest computer-controlled machines, so we can easily accept orders from even the most demanding customers.

Passion for our craft

We were born with our love of carpentry. Although stairs are considered to be one of the hardest carpentry products to make, we never shy away from a new project.

Quite the contrary actually: the more complex a challenge, the more enthusiastic we are about tackling it. From projects with a distinctly artistic character to construction marvels – we believe that we will always find a way thanks to our experience and determination.