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We can realise visions of renowned architects in their uniqueness and at the same time build stairs that enrich any home, applying the same enthusiasm and respect.



The manufacturing of wooden stairs has been our specialisation from the very beginning, and most manufacturers of prefabricated houses at home and abroad know us for them.


Even though we have manufactured over 12,000 stairs, no two are alike. This is why every product is given our full attention to ensure the highest possible quality.


Despite the distances and language differences, we successfully cooperate with many architects, designers and design bureaus in the international sphere.


We also accept projects that do not necessarily involve stairs. Our employees and contractors make us a partner you can count on when planning and developing new solutions.

Technological perfection

Our work process is a close reflection of the current technological progress – with just the right amount of human touch.

We diligently invest in the development and new technologies in hardware and software for the wood industry. We developed many of the machines in our workshop ourselves, because exactly what we needed could not be found on the market.

Although the state-of-the-art technology allows us to be extremely precise in production and assembly, the real finishing touches on each product are the handiwork of our master craftsmen.

Exceptional quality

The superior quality of the final product is ensured already at the source. Only materials of the highest quality are used in our products. We purchase the timber from verified local traders, but we can also contact foreign suppliers when we receive a request for a rarer type of wood.

We use environmentally-friendly products and processes for finishing, achieving perfection in all respects through sophisticated design and precise manufacturing and assembly.


Each product is perfected to the extent that we can be sincerely proud of it. We especially value those where we need to gather together all our experience, innovation and experts to be able to carry them out.

We have produced many architectural and artistic achievements in collaboration with international designers.

Lesene stopnice


Our staircases ascend on every continent, in buildings of great social and spiritual importance as well as in houses of globally successful people.
Were we to set them one on top of the other, they would reach the sky and beyond.

The products we are best known for are staircases in a variety of designs. What you see in the gallery are products that come out of our workshop on a daily basis.

However, let us also show you some of our more special projects, which include more than just staircases. These projects are a point of pride for us, because their realisation is the result of many hours spent in the design and development of new solutions. Unfortunately, the majority of our most outstanding projects must remain in our archives only, as we are bound by non-disclosure agreements.


This staircase is made out of solid teak and has a support column in the form of a sculpture. Its main column is 6 metres tall, while the transverse column is 4 metres long. The stair treads are attached to the wall with no visible stringers and are hung on cables at the other end. With this design, the architects were looking to create the appearance of a ship’s mast.


The 180-degree curved stairs with a mighty central monolithic column float in the air and are attached to the base and ceiling at only two points. They have a curved bannister that is made out of solid wood. This special creation required the dedicated work of our best carpenters.

Castle Beehouse

This is a boutique shop located in Bled Castle and run by Jezeršek Catering. It offers honey products and souvenirs from Slovenia. Its entire interior features a honeycomb design. This project was especially difficult to carry out because the room is shaped like an igloo. Each panel that makes up the honeycomb had to be designed with slightly different shapes and dimensions to ensure that it fits.


Nika Zupanc, Cabinet

We have carried out several projects in collaboration with the renowned Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc. We produced the Tower Cabinet that she designed for Rossana Orlandi.

Photo by: Nika Zupanc


We manufactured and assembled a large wooden staircase for a luxury hotel in Mallorca, which has become the aesthetic centrepiece of its entrance hall. The stairs are 250 cm wide at the bottom and narrow to 160 cm at the top. The staircase is nearly 10 metres in height.

EXPO Pavilion, Dubai 2020

In collaboration with CBD d.o.o., we developed and manufactured a wooden parasol for the Slovenian pavilion, which represents Slovenia at Expo 2020 in Dubai. The parasol is in the shape of a Ribnica sieve – a traditional woodenware product from Ribnica. 400 years ago, these were the first Slovenian products to be granted permission for sale in other countries. Dimensions of the parasol: 45 x 20 m.

Optika Morela

Although we do not usually make furniture, we sometimes make an exception and accept a project that involves special details. In collaboration with designer Nika Zupanc and Optika Morela, we manufactured the furniture for the optics shop in the BTC shopping mall in Ljubljana.

We care about wood. You can find us in Slovenia, where as much as 58% of the land is forested.

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